DI.P  is mainly to check up my photos and links

Let’s begin with these, from my lovely country.

Beautiful place


Let’s get to games.

EA Sports just unveiled a nice press kit dedicated to FIFA 13, accompanied by the French cover of the game, that I hasten to share with you. Alongside the inevitable Lionel Messi, is once again Karim Benzema, very happy to extend his contract with EA Sports if you believe his statements:

“It’s an honor to sign a fifth consecutive season with FIFA and EA SPORTS! I think it’s great to be able to inspire generations of young people, like me I have dreamed at the time when I looked at the covers with Bergkamp, Ronaldinho and Kaka. Today many footballers play FIFA on their free time, and I feel very proud to be the ambassador of a video game that everyone knows, and is the best in its field ”

Note that the words “Ultimate Edition” affixed to the cover refers to the edition dedicated to Ultimate Team game mode we mentioned in this news already available for pre-order as well as simple editing.

Fifa 13:Ultimate Edition

Well I guess for now, no Ultimate Edition on Xbox-360 has been presented.

Fifa 13


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