Lil Vadime- One more year feat Mr. Faby

This is just the beginning.
We know you’ve waited for it.

First release from Lil Vadime’s upcomin’ mixtape ‘Young Nigga Doin’ It’ featuring Mr. Faby. Listen, enjoy & share

Lil Vadime-One more year feat Mr. Faby

Just admit you want more!!


Gta III 1-2

Gta III (Android version)
Missions 2-6

Luigi Goterelli;
2) Don’t Spank Ma Bitch Up: Kill a drug dealer and steal his car.
3) Drive Misty For Me: Drive Misty to Joey’s garage.
4) Pump-Action Pimp: Kill two pimps.
5) The Fuzz Ball: Bring as many prostitutes as possible to the Old School Hall.

Joey Leone;
6) Mike Lips Last Lunch: Arm Mike Forelli’s car with a bomb and blow him up.